Tuesday, April 08, 2008

new blog...K sees stuff

Those of you who drop in regularly on this blog probably know that I had a photo selected by the Oregonian newspaper as its grand prize winner for the Travel Photo Contest. You also know that I've been dabbling with my camera for awhile now, posting quite a few photos on this blog. I've been mulling over ways to make some of my photos available or at least visible to those who might like to look at them, and so I thought of starting a new blog for the expressed purpose of putting photos on display.
K sees stuff is the name of the new blog. I started it a couple of weeks ago but haven't really told anybody about it yet. I wanted to see how it felt. My idea is to post one photo each day until I run out of material and/or inspiration. So far so good on those two fronts. Anyway, hop over for a look if you're interested. Hope you enjoy it.


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