Saturday, May 24, 2008

Get out the vote

For or against the new kitchen table.
Here's the skinny: we picked this up for twenty dollars at a local business which was going out of business. The table, while admittedly ugly, has several compensating virtues. For one thing, it used to live in the infamous local tavern, The Tropidera, at which I misspent a fair share of my bachelorhood. Notice the glass top, the exotic postcards, the odd shape.
Second, it is very heavy and stable, has a pedestal design, and is taller and larger (work space) than the table it is currently replacing.
...oh, and did I mention that it only cost twenty dollars?
On the negative side, it is tacky, perhaps beyond tacky, and it may outsize our kitchen.

We're having a referendum on the subject. Currently the family is split with the kids and me enthusiastically in the tacky table camp and Beth repenting and recoiling from the fact that this thing was her idea in the first place.
Since we decided to have a vote, I've noticed Beth resorting in to some Hillaryesque rhetoric. Listen to the following and substitute "presidency" for "kitchen".
"It is my kitchen after all."
"I don't feel letting a few voters decide my dream kitchen."
"What do they know about kitchens anyway?"
"If I can't have my kitchen the way I want it, nobody can have it."

Lets hope when the passions of the moment subside we can have a united family once again.
In any case, cast your vote early and often.


Anonymous Missy said...

I LOVE it!

Of course, you have to consider my "style" of home furnishing. I love anything with a history (can't get better than a table from the Trop) and it's unique and funky! It looks really solid and in good shape. Even if it no longer can live in the kitchen, I hope you find another good home for it in your lives.

5:41 PM  
Anonymous said...

5 votes FOR that sweet table, one right, one left, one independent, one regular and one super! If not table for your kitchen, Beth, it looks like it would make one great craft table, and the yellow with postcards is very cute already. The centuries of reinvention that table has been through! It would be a shame to get dumped after all that. Sorry, Kevin, I meant decades, and you were just a babe in arms when your mom and dad dragged you into the Trop.

6:06 PM  

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