Saturday, May 03, 2008

Shutter down

Good news, bad news...Tess turned 7 years old today...the age of reason (not to be confused with the Age of Enlightment), and my Canon Powershot A75 finally gave up the ghost right at the beginning of my daughter's 7th birthday party today.

It was a great party though - Spy vs Spy, the kids all wore disguises and had aliases. In attendance were agents Ruby Rose (Tess), Kitty, Red Heart, Nighthawk, Chimmichimmichowow (Colm), Sneaky Goose (not pictured), Agent 99, Giddyup Gabbie, Irene Nevretzki (Beth), and Monsieur X (moi).

We collected finger prints, played memory games, printed out clues in secret code and invisible ink and succeeded in capturing the Cupcake Thief (yours truly). It was very cute seeing these first and second grade girls carrying their little notebooks about, recording clues and observations. I wish I could get my high school students to take notes like these girls did. Tess and her friends displayed some pretty serious code cracking skills. They were a hoot to play with.
Colm, being younger than Tess's friends, and not so skilled in letters yet, came to me near the end of the search for the eight hidden clues. I was standing alone in the back yard just about to plant the final clue while the girls scoured the inside of the house. I could tell he was getting discouraged.
"Daddy...could tell me where the clue is?" he whispered, not so conspiratorially, more like he knew he was whipped and he just needed a little wind in his sails.
"You stand right here, " I said as I slipped the final envelope into the secret mailbox under treehouse and flipped up the signal flag. "When the girls come running outside and see the flag, you run for the mailbox. Get there first. Okay?" Colm nodded.
"I'll stand right here," he repeated, his spy instincts coming to the surface.
Seconds later the girls came storming out. They were chattering all at once. I looked at Colm. He had a ten yard headstart if he took off right now. But he was completely distracted by the girls. I called him but he didn't hear me. I tried again. No use. Then one of the girls saw the flag. This was it. I shouted over their heads at Colm who stood as if in a dream alone on the lawn. "Go!"
He snapped out of it, turned on his heels and dashed for the mailbox. He got there just ahead of the swarming girls. He opened the box, took out the envelope, turned and ran back, splitting the crowd of girls, eluding their hands, waving the envelope high over his head, a glittering smile on his face. I'll remember that expression for a good long time.

Unfortunately, I've got almost no photos to show for it.
These are officially the last photos ever to be taken by this camera.
So... I'm out of the photography business for awhile until we can budget for a new camera.


Anonymous erin said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again- You guys have the absolute BEST parties! In case you guys are in New Mexico around August 11... I could use a team of birthday party planner extraordinaires! Much Love to you all, and Happy Birthday, Tess!!!

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Missy said...

After Colmie's birthday party, Adam asked me if I thought Beth would be willing to plan his next birthday party. Tess' is right up my alley, too. How much fun you guys create.

1:35 PM  

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