Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Enough Club

Remember when McCain used to quip how the press was his base? It's no secret that over the years he's had a cozy relationship with the press that most politicians would kill for. But now a few columnists who used to love or at least like McCain seem to have soured on his campaign.

Kevin Drum has collected a few examples (eight and a half, he says) and tabbed the group the Enough Club. This morning Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly posted a new member, Steve Chapman, from the Chicago Tribune. Just last week the McCain campaign quoted one of Chapman's columns in an ad. Needless to say they won't quote this one.
Then one of Benen's readers dug up four new members to add to the Enough Club.
Enough! for me.


Blogger Snave said...

Hey, enough IS enough.

I used to be a slightly-left-of-centrist guy politically. The last eight years have caused me to view things a bit differently. Because I tend to be a bit libertarian when it comes to civil liberties, I have a hard time with most high-level politicians regardless of their party affiliation. However this time I do not view the choice we have as "the lesser of two evils" but rather as a CLEAR choice. I won't go so far as to say it is a choice between "good" and "evil", but I think it's extremely important that America chooses a different road than what the modern conservative leaders are demanding.

If McCain wants to assume the mantle of "change" and "reform" (the latter term seems to be the new GOP verbal tic) he should start with changing and reforming his own party first. If he wins the election, very little if anything will change... and if he was unable to finish his term in office, we could all be in for a huge world of hurt.

Good job getting this information out, Kevin. Your opinions are always logical and carefully considered, and that is the kind of stuff people need to see. I am going to link your weblog at my place!

If you like political cartoons, left-wing rants and other odd stuff, come over to my blog and check it out. I am still enough of a luddite to not know how to make a working link in a comment, but this will work as a cut and paste job:

You'll have to scroll down about halfway to see any of my opinions, which are listed as "Hockey Mom for President" and "Information Control". The people who who comment at my blog tend to be great helpers, as they often guide my paranoid/emotion-based opinions toward the realm of logic. Enjoy! Feel welcome to add comments. You might enjoy the blogs to which I link, particularly "Major Conflict", "Who Hijacked Our Country", "Oh!Pinion", "Left of Centrist", "Ragebot", "L'Ennui Melodieux", "Distributorcap NYC" and "Lost in the Bozone" among many others. All are linked!

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