Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart Bloggin, part 4

Here's an idea I'm sorta proud of. I clipped lines from essays and poems having something to do with love. I then tied each slip of paper to a length of black yarn. I put the quotations in the bottom of the bowl (itself a gift for Beth) and I covered them with chocolate kisses. The idea is for people to pick up a kiss or piece of thread and see how they like it. The strings will then be tied to a line running across our living room. There will be love poetry in the air. Did I mention that we're plying our guests with Mango Margaritas? That should help.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay, Dad! Great ideas- in a house that's always so full of love, it's fun to know that there will be love wafting on the breezes...
Love, Erin

11:45 AM  

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