Sunday, March 15, 2009

Banning Picasso at the Lapin Agile, part 13...and bigger

I've gotten a lot of emails today from friends letting me know that our story has hit news outlets all over the country and even some international spots. We don't have a television in our house, but I suspect it's mostly happening online anyway.
Meanwhile some nice developments happened today. A former student and LHS grad from the early 80's called today and hooked us up with the costumer at Weber State University in Utah. They did "Picasso" last year. She is willing to give us access to their stock of costumes for a nominal fee.

The constraints imposed on our production by the president of Eastern Oregon University, namely that no college faculty or resources be involved in collaborating on our production and also the scheduling of our performance dates between two music concerts have forced us to scale down our set design in order to be able to "load on" and "load off" the day of the performances. Also, we won't have access to the theater in the days before, so we'll have to do the entire set up, dry tech, and dress rehearsal in the early part of Saturday the 16th and then perform that night.

It'll likely have the feel of a portable, traveling production, the kind that sometimes tour rural areas like our own...hmmm there's a thought...anyway, I'm hopeful that we'll be able use costumes and lights to compensate and create production values above and beyond what our normal high school productions might present. Fortunately I've got good help on the lighting front.

Lastly, so many people have inquired about tickets (a goodly number from out of the area as well) that it looks like the club sponsoring the event will make this a ticketed event after all instead of taking donations at the door. As soon as I get solid info on how to purchase or reserve tickets I'll post them on this blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just heard you on CBC radio.

You are heroic!! Keep it up!!

Don Khoury
Halifax, Nova Scotia

3:02 PM  

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