Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Oregon in Oregonian

Last Sunday the Oregonian newspaper ran a piece by theater critic Marty Hughley on the Picasso Affair. Marty spent several days here and watched rehearsals and most of the shows. He made, I thought, a very good faith effort to inform himself. I remember chatting with him on more than one occasion and hearing him muse about the challenge of shaping the Picasso Affair into a short form story that was not only coherent but also pointed at the essentials of the experience. Vestiges of his struggle are apparent in the way he and his editor ended up structuring the story. The italicized lines signal three storylines, any one of which could have supported a longer piece of its own. Given the constraints he had to work with, I thought he did a nice job.
His story, titled "Behind the Scenes, A War of Words" can be found here. There's another photo here.
I haven't heard much local response to the story, don't know if many people read the Oregonian in NE Oregon. I know that on the Sunday that it came out, we were spending the weekend in Cricket Flats outside of Elgin. I drove into town just to get the paper in hopes of reading Marty's piece. I was informed by the clerk at the service station that the Oregonian doesn't make it to Elgin anymore. Dubious, I went to the small grocery store. The clerk there told me the same thing. She said to me matter-of-factly, "It used to make it as far as Imbler, but I'm not sure it's even there anymore."

Later that day when we got home to La Grande I did finally purchase a copy, but it makes me wonder -- what happened to the Oregon in Oregonian?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope all the kids have a chance to have that group photo. It shows them all to be the gorgeous young acting professionals they were/are. I think the fact that many of us in the audience were able to suspend our belief that they were high schools kids is a testament to the skills they had honed under your quietly forceful tutelage, Mr. Cahill.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Oregonian cut back delivery to most of rural Oregon in general over the past couple years--not just NE Oregon. And the cost of home delivery in La Grande is up to $76 every two months. Ouch.

It was a nice article, though...

10:15 PM  

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