Saturday, January 02, 2010

Their world's a stage

I went to the high school auditorium over the break to do some prep work for an upcoming production of The Diary of Anne Frank. Tess and Colm came along. I gave them walkietalkies so that I could focus lights up in the attic while they played down below onstage. I darkened the auditorium and put a spot of light center stage about twelve feet in diameter. The kids played in the light. Every once in awhile I'd buzz them and request a light check, "Bring up number 20 to level 4."
"Roger." One of them would run over to the light board and set circuit 20 to level 4.
"OK, turn it off."
I love my little tech crew.
Afterwards, I came down and found them in that silly space they often inhabit together. It seemed like a chance to put it on video under somewhat controlled lighting. I told them I needed a sound check and suggested the song "Over the Rainbow."
"Oh, and give me some gestures to help highlight the words, okay?"
Here's what I got.

Okay, okay...they don't know the words and they drift around the melody...but they do love the light, and, as for me, I love my little hamsters.


Blogger Erin said...

Cute! Watching this I had a flashback to Tim and me singing "Eye of the Tiger" onto a tape for you. ♥ Erin

7:26 AM  

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