Saturday, February 27, 2010

Poetry Slam...the voices of Daniel Beatty

I teach Speech and so I'm always looking for material in the world of the spoken word. Lately I've been poking around Def Jam Poetry performances on YouTube. A couple of days ago, one of my students told me about Daniel Beatty.
This guy is a gem, a serious talent with a compelling vision. He's written a one man show called "Emergency" in which he plays 43 different characters. I haven't yet seen the whole thing, but several of the monologues which are part of the show can be found in clips on YouTube, some of them delivered as poetry slam performances for Def Jam Poetry. Check out "Knock Knock".

Some other ones include "Duality Duel" (aka "The Nig**r and the Nerd")

It's interesting to hear Daniel Beatty comment on his own work. You get a feel for how wide ranging his vision really is plus you get to contrast his own voice with those of the characters he has invented. The clip below intersperses cuts of him in performance and an interview on his play.


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