Monday, March 15, 2010

Seven...Lucky and Good

Seven years ago, Colm sounded his yawp and then settled in for a nurse and a nap. Now that he's reached the age of reason, he 's not so easily satisfied, and he's a bit more sophisticated in his modes of operation.

Colm wanted a ball party. Beth gave me the reins for this one. We started with an inflatable, oversized soccer ball. I improvised a game where three pairs of kids each defended their own tree. The object was to hit either of the other two trees with the soccer ball while protecting your own tree...kind of triangular game of shifting defensive alliances. Next we moved on to kick ball which is the huge favorite amongst these kids right now during recess at school. They would have played this game all day long. Next we played some baseball, first a version of work up with me pitching. We used foam balls which flew impressively but didn't leave a mark if they hit you (which they did). Then I set up a tee and we played tee ball in teams (until the tee broke).

Beth made another of her patented cakes. One of the kids was dumbfounded by this. "You made this?!" he exclaimed. We couldn't squeeze in any hoops due to the location and the limits of time and energy (mine mostly). Everyone had a blast.

Interestingly, Colm's favorite gift though, hands down, was the digital camera we got him. He carried it around all day. It has a nice set of features which allowed Colm to explore some options without getting too overwhelmed. He held it like a traditional camera until he realized that it had a digital display screen. He figured out the macro function which was pretty impressive...I told him that alone qualified him as an amateur photographer. Early in the morning he and I took a walk over to the high school as I had to do a little work on my set. Colm was busy snapping shots of Sammy and the street. I told him that he might start noticing photos taken by photographers in books and magazines and online. I asked him what his favorite subjects to shoot were. He said Sammy and everything. He asked me where my camera was. I pointed to my coat pocket. He looked at me and said, "We're both photographers."

This boy could hardly be more loved. His grandparents got him a remote control truck which he also loves. Beth wrapped him up with a soft blanket and wool lamb from the Pendleton Woolen Mills...he's her lamb. Lucky boy, good boy.


Blogger Erin said...

Happy 7th Colmy! What a family of photographers:) Love and hugs to all of you ♥ Erin

5:22 PM  
Blogger helane said...

Any part time jobs out there for Helane or a 3 bedroom house to rent? Almost there.


8:20 PM  

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