Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jellybean becomes Sofonisba

Our great and dear friend Jessica and her partner Dean had a baby girl Friday. We brought the kids up for a visit just hours after "Nisba's" arrival. The kids took up places in the front row and never strayed from their vantage point throughout the duration of the visit. The glow was definitely on Jessica, and we all basked in it. Dean and her are a great pair. Great work all around, including Jessie's parents who flew in from the east coast to help out. Jessica and Beth met and became friends about fourteen years ago in Mexico. Not long after that, Jessie told Beth how one day she would like to have a little girl and name her after the artist, Sofonisba. After months of being referred to as "Jellybean", she's finally got a name for the ages.

This morning we woke up to fresh snow so the kids and I walked over to their house and made three snow figures in their front yard to mark the occasion. Colm claimed dubs on the beard and did a good job, I thought. When everyone comes home from the hospital they'll hopefully get a smile out of this.


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