Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Tomorrow there is a greve (strike) planned by the teacher's syndicates in France. It's strictly a one day event intended to register a public protest against government policies which in the minds of the syndalistes have resulted in layoffs and misguided budget priorities at the expense of quality education...hmmm am I back in Kansas?

I've prepared my lessons and I'm going to show up but I'm curious to see who else is there. When I gave homework assignments in my senior class on Tuesday, one boy politely reminded me that the due date corresponded to the day of the strike. I thanked him, told him that I'd heard about it and that the terms of my exchange forbade my participation in any such activity but that I was keen to more about it and that, in any case, I would be in class that day even if I was the only one.

The last comment provoked some sly smiles in the room. Speaking strictly as someone trying to stay organized (not in the political sense though) I hope either everyone goes out on strike or no one does...anything in between will make hash out my precious lesson plans. I'm still learning to roll with things. Tomorrow may be another object lesson.


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