Saturday, September 23, 2006

Les pistes cyclables

Beth went to a flea market (vide grenier) today in Ares. She bought a bike trailor ( remorque) for a hundred euros. It's also a stroller.

The family took a promenade en velo today... just a pleasant spin around the area. One of these days we will ride to the beach and see how that goes. For now, this is a big development seeing as how it enables Beth to have some mobility with and without the kids especially when I've got the car.

Cycling is big here. Even though the roads are narrow and the traffic can be intense (drivers here are keen to put their skills on display) people of all ages are on bicycles everywhere you go. There is a fantastic network of bike paths that link every town on the presque isle from Biganos all the way to Cap Ferret at the tip and every village in between.

Travelling this way takes you away from cars utterly. You find yourself traversing flat forsted land. You pass by homes on the outskirts of the villages and you see everything from a different perspective. The bike paths have their own stop signs, indications of right of way, distances to destinations....the whole works.


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