Sunday, December 03, 2006

Resistance is futile

The first Sunday of every month Bordeaux closes the city center to most cars and people take advantage to stroll about...nearly everything is closed in France on a Sunday. We were surprised by how closed everything was even in December. The next two Sundays are designated as execptional (Christmas season) so we might try again.

We did find this little ice skating rink set up in the place in front of the cathedral. To my great surprise, Beth wanted to try it even though the weather was drizzly and grey. As soon as we got out there we both discovered that it was a much tougher proposition than either of us had imagined. First of all, the rain began to come down in earnest. Also, our motor memories of skating were buried pretty deep underneath a lot of spasmodic reactions more to do with the fear of falling than the love of gliding. Colm didn't last long. Beth checked out next.
Tess, on the other hand, loved it even though we were being pelted by rain and skating through puddles of water. It took me awhile to remember my days in Maine, but I was able to get around going backwards while towing Tess. Nobody fell.

All in all worth it. Afterwards we dodged into a very cozy cafe for pain chocolat, chocolat chaud, cafe creme, and croissants. Nice...Colm faded under the spell of warm chocolat and flaky pastries...

Afterwards, we managed to find one open store, Virgin Music, a combination music, book, arts store...with glass elevators.

It's Christmas season's ad campaign made quite an impression on young Colm. The slogan reads, "Resistance is futile...It's Christmas!"
What do you think ought to go in the bubble above his head?


Anonymous erin said...

Hm. Colm's thought bubble should be something completely unrelated to the poster- to demonstrate that he is not at all predictable. Maybe, "my little horse is pooping". One of my favorites!

6:41 PM  

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