Sunday, January 17, 2010

The life of a kid

Our kids have been slipping into spy mode again. Every now and then, I catch glimpses of them darting, creeping, stalking furtively through doorways and under tables, peering around corners. They typically set up spy headquarters under a blanket draped over chairs where they can plan clandestine operations under the cloak of invisibility. They make use of a wide range of spy tools including paper and pencil and sun glasses. It's all very hush hush which makes for a rather quiet house though sometimes the tension is palpable and the smiles impossibly wide in anticipation of discovery.

Last week Beth was poking around in Tess' things when she came across these scribblings:
One day my mom sent me to my room for two minutes. Only I don't know why, because I was at the piano first. And whoever gets there first gets to play the piano. And I got there first! But she sent both of us to our rooms. And that's why I'm writing this thingie. But she's letting us out now.
from Tess C.C.
P.S. I'm going to eat breakfast now.

A moment later, Beth found this:
Things we need
1. a new hut - Biger
2. More glasses - Sunglasses
3. More disgises - Like prinsseses
4. More pencils - Sharp
5. New names - Misterious
6. More notebooks - With lined pages
7. A camera - Dietal
8. New distractions - Realistic
9. New Code - Something no one will figure out
10. New make believe voices - Like old
11. New activetis - Spy Like
12. Pizza! - half peparoni, half sosage
13. food - like apple
whirrrrrrr...the sound of these kids' minds ceaselessly turning.


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