Thursday, December 30, 2010

The eyes have it

Colm and Tess both frequently sketch things. Under Beth's tutelage, the impulse to make things has become second nature to both of them. This Christmas both kids got an art kit.
Here is Colm trying his hand at a portrait of his new bear, Charles, who sat patiently for quite a long while.

Last night, after watching How To Train Your Dragon, they watched a short feature by one of the film's animators who offered a step by step approach to drawing a dragon. It was interesting to watch them watch the screen and then put their heads down and draw. Tess is the more experienced and also more instinctive artist, and while Colm has shown a penchant for closing the gap between himself and his sister in things like riding bikes and reading...he'll have to go some on this front as Tess has long had a flair for drawing.


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