Monday, January 18, 2010

Zombie Dad

I got asked to play the role of Zombie Dad for a local film company that is putting together a promo trailer for its video business. They do a lot of weddings and the like so they decided to play with idea of a zombie family album, a zombie funeral and a zombie funeral.
I went in Saturday morning for makeup. The makeup artist brought in from Portland turned out to be a former student who graduated in 92. He took the better part of an hour to transform me into a state of being more "undead" than alive. When I saw my family after the shoot, the kids were intrigued. Colm asked me, "Does it hurt?" Later he asked me to tell him the story of zombies. I might need some help with that one. Beth was the most troubled by my look. She was adamant that I take it off my makeup as soon as possible.


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