Saturday, March 12, 2011

Colm channels Harry Potter

The boy who lived lived again in our house yesterday, and boy did he live it up. Colm turned eight in Hogwarts School for Would-Be Whizzes. We welcomed a new class of nine kids, five boys and four girls.

Faculty present included Prof. McGonnagal, Prof. Trelawny, and Dumbledore.

First the children were sorted by the sorting hat which was outfitted with a walkie/talkie and was able to issue uncanny and somewhat humorous remarks about the child sitting beneath the hat before assigning him/her to one of the two houses, Ravensclaw or Griffendore (bedrooms actually - it was a sleep over).
Next, everyone was issued new brooms, the patented Nimbus 2000.2 model (fortunately I'd pruned the apple trees the week before). We went outside for a fly around the garden and then some spirited games of quidditch.

Then we came back in and Dumbledore matched kids with wands.

Afterwards we were visited by Prof. Trawlenty who told everyone's fortunes. Some magic was done in the basement that produced bubbling potions of brightly colored liquid and also made water and aluminum bend in mysterious ways.

A tremendous amount of pizza was made to magically disappear and then of course out of nowhere McGonnagal produced a lovely chocolate cake. Young Colm barely breathed when he blew out the candles which made all of us wonder if he hadn't used magic instead.

At last there were the presents.
A lovely light emanated from everyone's lasted well into the wee hours of the night.

Somehow everyone began waking up around 5:30. After a mountain of pancakes and sausages they went back outside for another pickup quidditch match and then Dumbledore pronounced the semester finished and sent them all home with a gentle reminder that the power of magic is such that it never need shout it's own arrival or clamor for what it wants. Everyone parted already looking forward to the next term. Fortunately for the teachers, there is a substantial break in the academic year before resuming classes...

If you've followed this blog for a time, you know that once again Beth has produced a birthday miracle. Every year I ask myself, how long can this go on? Every year she comes through with something memorable. Love that; love her.


Blogger Erin said...

Just wanted to say it again, here- Beth's parties rule! She's amazing:) ♥

7:48 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

I echo your statement: Love that, love her.

This sounds AMAZING! Well done, all!

We talked about Colmie all day yesterday (and we'd been talking about him in the days leading up to his bday, too). I hope our warm thoughts made their way into his heart, as it turned out to be impossible to call & sing to him. Hopefully we'll see you this weekend!

Love to all!

12:24 AM  

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