Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Zen of Ten

Tess is ten. To celebrate we had eight of her friends over for a slumber party. Here's all but one of them in the apple tree. It was an epic evening though not in the tradition of previous theme parties. This more about feeling the synergistic force of so many ten year old girls in a single small area over an extended period of time. It really is something to experience, perhaps not twice in a lifetime.
We attempted a maypole, emphasis on attempted.

The girls then dressed in heels and whatever else they could find in the dress up box and walked in the drizzle to the nearby art center to see an exhibition of kids art about birds. It was a good reminder of how sometimes a walk in the rain stacks up well against just about any structured party game.

Back home again, Beth showed them a quirky method for decorating cupcakes that involved using a rolling pin on starburst candy and cutting large marshmellows among other things. Some of them even got eaten.

There was a double feature movie time which didn't begin till about nine. We saw Tangled followed by Ponyo. It was almost two in the morning when the final credits rolled. Some kids went to sleep, but not all.

The next morning bright and early we made french toast and sausage while the kids circled up on the floor and played telephone.
By ten thirty Saturday morning, everyone had packed up their things and left. In the suddenly still aftermath, with just my nuclear family around me on the curb of the street, I imagined that the need to exhale I was feeling right then might be something akin to how survivors of a hurricane feel.
Lots of fun, not much sleep, and, as I said earlier, not again (in the near future at least).


Blogger Erin said...

Oh! Just the party I wanted when I was 10- kudos to you and Beth once again! What fun (did you guys get a nap after all that?) and thanks for sharing the pictures! Love and hugs to Tess and the rest of ya! ♥, Erin

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