Friday, July 31, 2009

Road Willies

It's a seven or eight hour drive one way from La Grande to the San Juans. Across the east side of Oregon and Washington the temps hit 100 in the summer. A long haul for anyone not to mention young kids and a puppy... not to mention a couple of parents trying to drive while not being driven crazy. Our kids have developed some pretty effective strategies for keeping things on the upbeat...from the front seat where we sit it sounds like a speeded up recording of a chipmunks' track. There's a very fine line between appreciating the little happy cocoon Tess and Colm are spinning for themselves back there and getting the willies, feeling like you'll never have another coherent thought in your head again. Instead of hollering at them to pipe down, I grabbed the camera, turned it backwards and let it roll for 45 seconds. The kids are amazing. They are on the homestretch of the return leg and still going strong. Sammy by contrast is clearly running on fumes. Be assured that this footage could have been captured at almost any point during our trip up and back.


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